Kuwait celebrated the World Kidney Day under the slogan ‘Kidney Health for All – Bridging the Knowledge Gap to Improve Kidney Care’, with the aim of raising society’s awareness of the most prominent and important kidney diseases and the available means and methods of prevention and medication.

The head of the kidney unit at the Amiri Hospital and the head of the Kuwait Association of Nephrologists, Dr. Anas Al-Yousef, told KUNA that the celebration aims to raise awareness of the importance of periodic examinations for patients who have risk factors that lead to kidney diseases, such as patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and those with a family history of kidney disease.

He added that there are nearly 850 million kidney patients in the world, according to the latest statistics, which makes kidney disease one of the most common diseases in the world, stressing that the most important treatment methods are early diagnosis and maintaining healthy kidneys.

He indicated that the proportion of people with chronic renal failure globally amounts to 10 to 15 percent in adults, and it is the most common kidney disease as it is a silent disease that is diagnosed through laboratory tests.

He pointed out that it is expected to be the fifth global cause of death by 2040, which requires concerted efforts to reduce the spread of kidney disease in various ways, perhaps the most important of which is reducing risk factors, i.e. reducing rates of diabetes and high blood pressure, maintaining an ideal weight, exercising and eating a healthy diet and abstaining from smoking.

He pointed out that there are 2,300 dialysis patients in Kuwait, and about 90% of those depend on hemodialysis through blood — 51% of them are men, and the total annual increase for dialysis patients is approximately 6 percent.

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