Head of the Budgets and Final Accounts Committee, Adnan Sayed Abdel Samad, said that the committee met to discuss the estimates of Chapter One “Workers’ Compensation” and the estimates of Directive 3 “Capital Expenditures” of the draft budget for the fiscal year 2022/2023.

​In this regard the committee discussed the financial data of Chapter One “Workers’ Compensation” related to providing degrees for employment, where the total expenses of Chapter One were estimated at 8.3 billion dinars, an increase of 324 million dinars and 4.1% over what was approved in the budget for the fiscal 2021/2022, with an increase of 816 million dinars, 11% of what was actually spent in the final account for the fiscal year 2020/2021, reports a local Arabic daily.

The committee found that the Ministry of Education availed the biggest share of “workers’ compensation” at 25% of the total section, at about 2 billion dinars, followed by the Ministry of the Interior by 14%, at about 1.2 billion dinars, and then the Ministry of Health by 14% and about 1. 1 billion dinars, then the Ministry of Defense by 13%, with about 1.09 billion dinars, and the share of the rest of the authorities from this item was 34%, or about 2.8 billion dinars.

The committee also found that the Ministry of Finance canceled the supplementary appropriation for Chapter One in the new budget for several reasons, such as “assessing Chapter One more accurately and according to the entity’s needs, addressing appointment imbalances in previous fiscal years, including the budget estimates of the Ministry of Finance.”

The jobs created for appointment to ministries and government departments for the fiscal year 2022/2023 were estimated at “22,526” job grades, meaning that there will be 22,526 new jobs for Kuwaitis during fiscal 2022/2023.

The committee also discussed the “capital expenditures” of the draft general budget for fiscal 2022/2023, which is related to construction projects, as 2.3 billion dinars was estimated for these projects with a decrease of 322 million dinars from what approved in the budget for fiscal year 2021/2022, with an increase of about 557 million dinars compared to the actual disbursed in the final account for the fiscal year 2020/2021.

The financial appropriations were distributed to non-construction projects by 439 million Kuwaiti dinars, at a rate of 19.1%. As for the construction projects, their estimates amounted to 1,860 billion Kuwaiti dinars at a rate of 80.9%, the new budget included 11 new construction projects.

Given the importance of what was discussed in the committee’s meeting and its presentation on other chapters, the committee is heading to speed up submitting a report to the council to approve the first chapter, “workers’ compensation” in addition to “capital expenditures” in the near future so that the recruitment process does not stumble due to the abolition of the supplementary appropriation in The new budget, and no delay in starting the completion of new projects.

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