A car hit a group of trained police officers during running exercises, injuring 25, five of them seriously, according to the local police official in Los Angeles.

A local Arabic daily quoting a statement from the LA local police, said the car which was going in the opposite direction, surprised the police officers during a morning run, hitting them hard without the driver slowing down, leaving a scene “like a plane crash,” according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. According to AFP the group was mainly composed of two trained policemen.

During a press conference he said, “There were many officials scattered all over the place with varying injuries, which constituted a shocking scene for all the people involved.”

He pointed out that among the injured were “amputated limbs,” and that one of them was subjected to artificial respiration.

A video taken at the scene showed a black SUV car parked on the sidewalk with damage to its front end. Its driver was traveling in the opposite direction at the moment of the accident, according to the Los Angeles Times, citing rescue teams.

For his part, Villanueva said that some policemen heard the 22-year-old driver increase the speed, indicating that the latter was not drunk and was stopped at the scene.

For its part, the “Los Angeles Times” quoted security sources as saying that the driver told investigators that he “slept” while driving. He underwent tests to see if he was under the influence of drugs.

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