In terms of empowering Kuwaiti women, 2022 stands out as a candidate for good news after the issuance of a decree appointing 4 female engineers on the Municipal Council whose appointed was confirmed by the publication of their names in the Official Gazette (Kuwait Al-Youm) Sunday.

Meanwhile, a local Arabic daily has learned that the number of female prosecutors is expected to reach 70 this year, in a trend that reflects the great confidence that the judiciary has placed Kuwaiti women.

An informed source told the daily this big number, which is a precedent in all Arab countries, did not come in vain, but because of what the woman herself has achieved, after she proved her worth and competence in this job, in addition to the complete belief in her by the judiciary, which is the matter which doubled the granting of this great confidence.

The source indicated that the number of female prosecutors is estimated at this moment to be 48, including 15 female judges.

The source explained a new batch will be announced in the coming days, of about 15 female prosecutors, in addition to this 2022 will also witness another batch that is expected to also include a number of female prosecutors, which means that the number will reach 70 female this year.

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