Official statistics showed that 2021 recorded the highest average temperature during the past ten years, reaching 35.6 degrees Celsius, while it was 34.5 degrees Celsius in 2020, and 34.4 degrees Celsius in 2019, while the average temperatures during the last ten years 34.4 degrees Celsius.

According to the figures, the year before last was the lowest in the amount of rain, at a rate of 30 millimeters, while the average in 2020 was approximately 100 millimeters, while in 2019 it reached about 62 millimeters, reports Al-Rai daily.

In terms of hazardous waste, the figures for the year 2021 were also remarkable, as the highest rate of hazardous waste was recorded compared to the past ten years, with 73,491 tons, while the amount in the previous year was 60,316, and in 2019 it reached approximately 64,356.

Likewise, the quantities of population waste were record in 2021 compared to the years 2020 and 2019, as the amount of this waste last year was 19,827,692 tons, while in 2020 it was about 1759,844 tons, and in 2019 it was about 18,578,400 tons.

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