Education sources bemoan what they call the crisis of air conditioning in government schools saying about 20 percent of schools are still suffering from problems related some air-conditioning units as the students continue to complain about the hot conditions inside the classrooms either because the air-conditioners are not working properly, broken down completely or lack service.

The situation causes a big headache for some officials of the Ministry, says a local Arabic daily, in spite of the fact that that air-conditioning contract with one of the companies expires in March 2023 and the other in May 2023 and there are schools that still suffer from a shortage of air-conditioning maintenance which raises several questions about the reasons for the delay in repair.

She pointed out that the responsibility lies with the maintenance engineers who are entrusted with the task of following up on the maintenance contracts, and they are the one who must follow up and ensure the contractor completes the work as stipulated in the contracts, and punish those who do not comply with the terms and conditions of the contract.

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