As of October 18, 197,000 passengers have departed from Kuwait since the airport resumed operations on August 1. While about 135,000 arrived on board 1,965 flights by various airlines, an Arabic daily reported.

Adhering to the safety guideline for the protection of passengers, the Director of Operations Department at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Mansour Al Hashimi, stated to the daily that all flights that departed and arrived in the country did not exceed 30 percent occupancy.

He added that the majority of departure flights were for Turkey, Dubai, and Doha.

Expats stranded in the 34 banned countries can only return to Kuwait after staying in any country exempted from the ban last for at least 14 days. They also require a PCR certificate, valid for 72 hours. Expats are also mandated to spend 14 days in-home quarantine after their arrival in the country.

The Operations Department is constantly in communication with the relevant authorities in the country to facilitate and overcome all obstacles for passengers, airlines and ground service providers in accordance with the standards and conditions of the health authorities in the country. This also includes adherence to wearing masks and gloves while maintaining social distancing among employees in various departments, in addition to setting up thermal cameras across all airport gates to monitor the temperature of all those wishing to enter the airport.

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