Informed sources at the Ministry of Health revealed that the Ministry’s medical teams dealt with about 17,428 expats who were quarantined in more than one location after they were exposed to coronavirus infections since early March till yesterday.

The sources said that medical teams were able to deal with greater numbers of expat workers residing in buildings and quarantines where infections were detected.

But their increasing rates are taking a toll on medical staff and nursing bodies who are overseeing the treatment of infected people or conducting medical checks and surveys on them. The Institute of Police Officers College in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh are currently sheltering 390 expats from these 32 cases were detected, in addition to 5 other suspected cases.

In Jleeb and Al-Hassawi, 1882 expats have been quarantined from those 156 have been confirmed infected. In Farwaniya, Khaitan and Abbasiya 2698 expats have been quarantined whereas the tests indicated 68 of them were infected with the virus. The sources added that the number of people quarantined in buildings in Fahaheel and Mahboula amounts to 4,064 people, including 115 infected.

In Abu Halifa and the port of Al-Zour and Al-Mangaf 875 expats have been quarantined in the buildings where tests indicated that 28 of them were infected with the virus.

2068 expats are in the Abdali quarantine, where 31 of them were found to be infected with corona. In Salmiya currently, 169 people are in nurses’ residence, where 4 were found infected. Also 1520 expats have been quarantined in Salmiya from which 24 have been infected from coronavirus. The Ministry of Defense in Sabhan included 367 expats from these 7 were infected with the virus.

In Capital Governate the buildings had been cordoned since last March which included 3310 expats, where 164 cases were found among them. The sources pointed out that the Khalifa quarry received 35 people, confirmed that only one case was infected with the virus, and the ministry applied the quarantine to a worker housing in Amghara, which includes 50 workers, where 9 of them were confirmed to have been infected with the virus.

Sources stated that the ministry will spare no efforts in fighting the coronavirus whether by controlling its financial or human capabilities to deal with the developments. Sacrifices of medical and nursing staff are continuing around the clock to ensure that the virus is contained and hotspots are brought under control.

105 from medical staff and nurses have been already infected from coronavirus, is the best evidence of the sacrifices made by Kuwait medical team on more than one level. The health conditions regarding the developments of the virus are still under control.

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