The Farwaniya emergency team from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has seize more than 1,675 used and new expired tires from a warehouse in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh.

A team of inspectors from the commercial control and consumer protection sector, the head of the emergency team at the Ministry of Commerce, Jama’an Al-Mutairi, told a local Arabic daily that by monitoring and following up the activity of the store, the inspectors raided the basement of one of the residential buildings after receiving information that the company was selling old and expired new tires.

Al-Mutairi added the store is in the basement of a residential building and in the event of fire to the warehouse, it may result in human and material losses.

The ministry said expired tires, are the cause of car accidents since during the high temperatures these tires are probe to explode and put the lives of citizens and expatriates at risk.

He advised consumers not to buy used tires, in addition to that when buying new tires, they must check the validity date of the tire written on it and keep the purchase invoice with a one-year warranty.

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