The Kuwait Society for Environmental Protection announced the results of the participation of 50 media and environmental awareness experts from 12 Arab countries in an opinion poll as part of the activities of the sixth expert workshop for this season, held by the Sabah Al-Ahmad Environmental Training Center at the association, entitled “The Reality of Environmental Awareness and Media in the Arab World.”

The coordinator of the training programs at the center, Nawaf al-Mawil, said in a statement yesterday, that when asked about the extent to which the experts participating in the survey trust the news transmitted from the Arab press, 42% answered ‘somewhat correct’, while 14% did not agree with the opinion, and only 6% of those who trusted Arab press news,” reports a local Arabic daily.

Al-Mawil added that with regard to the news transmitted from the visual media on television by Arab channels, 54% of the 50 participants in the workshop agreed on their confidence in them, while only 8% did not agree, and this indicates that Arab channels gain the confidence of a highly cultured audience and attract the attention of specialists in the media in addition to the general public.

On the question, the ability of the Arab media to adequately deliver environmental messages,” Al-Mawil said that the answers were “to some extent correct. The answer was 40%, and 12% strongly agreed with the media’s ability to deliver the message, while 16% did not agree with the opinion.”

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