Members of the Parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee and representatives of the Ministry of Interior, headed by the minister, have agreed on the issue of residence permit for some foreigners and naturalization of women married to Kuwaitis with some observations.

The sources said they agreed on the government’s proposal on the issue of naturalization of ‘Kuwaiti wives’ after 18 years of married life, even if she does not have children but she as a Kuwaiti woman and will have the right employment and will be given a passport travel and even if the Kuwaiti has more than one wife, reports a local Arabic daily.

The sources pointed out that the Parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee recommended shortening the period of granting citizenship to Gulf women and distinguishing them from other nationalities, especially since the integration of the Gulf into the culture of Kuwaiti society and the acquisition of customs and traditions is achieved.

As for the foreigners’ residency project, it was agreed to grant the investor a 15-year residency.

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