The Ministry of Electricity and Water is pushing to encourage citizens in private housing to participate in the “rationalization incentive” program that it launched in December 2020 to encourage them to take advantage of the benefits of the tariff law that grants incentives to those who rationalize their consumption of electricity and water services.

A recent statistic issued by MEW revealed that the total registered in the program has so far reached 2,428 participants, who were able to save about 15 million kilowatt-hours (equivalent to about 15 megawatts) during the period from January to August 2022, which is the period that falls within the summer months.

According to the statistics, the value of the incentives obtained by the participants in the rationalization during the same period amounted to 31 thousand and 431 dinars, and they will receive a discount from the bills due at the end of the year.

At the level of rationalization in the summer, the statistics showed that the number of those who benefited from the “rationalization incentive” during last May amounted to 776 clients, whose incentives were estimated at about 7,000 dinars, and during June, 600 clients benefited, whose dues amounted to about 5,000 dinars, compared to 502 in July for them. 5 thousand dinars incentives, and finally 513 clients in August, whose incentives are estimated at about 4300 dinars.

The program is divided according to the decision regulating it into three categories of incentives, as the customer who saves electricity at an amount of less than 20% of his consumption receives an incentive equivalent to the saving rate on the consumption bill for the same month, rising to 40% if the saving rate exceeds 20%.

At the level of water, whoever saves less than 25% will receive a saving incentive equivalent to double the saving rate, while those who exceed 25% will receive an incentive or discount equivalent to 50% of the value of the bill due.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Customer Service Sector, Ahmed Al-Rashidi, said that the sector is preparing to launch a media campaign to urge customers to participate in the program.

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