In light of the severe shortage of expatriate workers that the labor market is currently experiencing in most of its sectors, especially craftsmen and other professions, senior officials in the Public Authority for Manpower revealed authority is studying to implement a plan in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Interior for the benefit of violators of residence and labor laws and the companies which face labor shortage.

The plan is to allow the violators to regularize their situations and work legally if the Ministry of Interior grants another amnesty for this category of expatriates to legalize their stay, similar to the ministry’s deadline for violators in February 2020 to regularize their stay or leave without paying fines, reports a local Arabic daily

PAM stressed this procedure will push tens of thousands of violators to legalize their status, which would compensate for the existing shortage in many professions and sectors, noting that the according to Interior Ministry estimates there are about 130,000 violators of residence and labor laws in the country.

The sources explained the goal of this vision is twofold, as it includes contributing to solving the issue of violators, and meeting the labor market needs by allowing business owners to benefit from those who are actually present in the country, and at the same time expecting the market to visualize a wide breakthrough, especially in light of the presence of thousands of violators of laws and the country does not benefit from their presence since they do not pay residence, insurance and transfer fees.

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