A group of second-year students at the College of Medicine at the Kuwait University denounced the discussions related to the video crisis that a professor presented during one of the lectures.

A statement signed by 126 male and female students say “the video clip shown during one of the lectures at the college was an explanation of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in the context of the educational curriculum. We note that the faculty member who presented the clip was keen to present the parts that fit the scientific material, in a way that does not contradict public morals but the issue has been blown out of proportion.

The statement added: “We condemn the behavior of some colleagues for resorting to external parties to publicize the issue, while the issue could have been communicated directly with the university administration and that the principle is to proceed with the matter formally and submit it to the administration for investigation for the shortcomings, if any, without the interference of any other party.

“Moreover, we affirm our confidence in the investigation committee, which will reveal the details of the incident in all impartiality, which will do justice to the right, and ensure that the freedom of the academic field, which was originally established for the benefit of the curricula and students, is not violated.

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