Recent official statistics show the average gross monthly wage for Kuwaitis in the public and private labor market increased during five years by 113 dinars per month, where the average monthly wage at the end of last year was 1,491 dinars, compared to 1,378 dinars per month five years ago.

A comparison report prepared by a local Arabic daily, based on recent labor market statistics issued by the Central Administration of Statistics, showed that the average monthly wage for total Kuwaitis in the government sector during the five years from the end of 2016 to the end of 2021, increased by 82 dinars, where it was 1,457 dinars per month in 2016, and reached 1,539 dinars per month last December

The figures showed that the increase in the average monthly wage of Kuwaiti males in the government sector was more than double the increase in the average wage of Kuwaiti women, as the average wage of Kuwaiti males increased by 148 dinars, while the average wage of females increased by only 58 dinars.

Statistics on the Kuwaiti wages increase are as follows:

1,491 dinars average monthly wage for Kuwaitis by the end of 2021

1,378 dinars average monthly wage five years ago

148 dinars increase in the average wages for males in the government

58 dinars increase in the average wages for females in the government

183 dinars increase in male wages in private sector

176 dinars increase in the wages of Kuwaiti women in private sector

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