The total value of real estate transactions was approximately 106 million dinars during the period from October 30 to November 3, 2022.

The real estate transactions during the period were distributed between about 104.5 million dinars in contracts, and 1.33 million dinars in agencies, while the total number of real estate deals amounted to 148 (143 contracts, and 5 agencies), according to the latest statistics issued by the Ministry of Justice (real estate registration and documentation department) reports a local Arabic daily.

The value of private housing trades last October amounted to about 157.19 million dinars through 338 deals, while the investment real estate trades recorded about 97.76 million dinars through 114 deals, while the value of commercial activity trades amounted to 39.68 million dinars with 11 deals.

With regard to agency transactions in the same month, the monthly statistics of the Ministry of Justice showed the registration of private housing property for 13 deals with a total value of 4.37 million dinars, while the investment property witnessed only two deals with a value of 2.33 million dinars.

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