Detectives from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) have reportedly completed investigations on around 100 Kuwaitis who are alleged to have submitted forged university degree certificates to obtain jobs in the public sector.

The investigation files have now been sent to the Public Prosecution for legal action against these individuals, including charging them with forgery and obtaining undue monies and benefits from the State using those certificates.

Forensic evidence proves that they falsified their testimonies and statements about travel to countries from where they have allegedly obtained the certificates. One man reportedly went abroad to take part in a university examination and returned within three days, despite the exams being held over a 20-day period. Nevertheless, he obtained a degree certificate from the university.

Sources from MoI have revealed that the ‘Higher Education’ authorities in the country have sent details about even more individuals and that it is quite like that all of them will be called in for questioning and ensuring the veracity of their certificates.

The individuals under investigation include both men and women, and when confronted with evidence that they had not left the country during the period the exams were apparently held, the individuals confessed to their crime. A large number of those under investigation were found to have received their certificates from Egyptian universities. The authorities are still determining whether the seals on the certificates were original or forgeries.

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