The Central Agency for Information Technology kickstarted the Kuwait Digital Transformation Conference and Exhibition on Tuesday to review the role of emerging technologies in advancing the digitization journey of the country. The conference, according to the Arab daily, highlighted the 2024 indicators on how the use of emerging digital technologies in Kuwait rose remarkably reaching 71 percent on artificial intelligence and machine learning, 56 percent for the new generation of the Internet, 52 percent at the level of cloud computing, 44 percent on predictive analysis, and 36 percent on robotic process automation.

In his speech, the Deputy Director General of Information Technology, Dr. Ammar Al-Husseini, stressed the state’s endeavor to take advantage of digital technologies to improve its services and enhance the operational efficiency of the work of all sectors. He explained that digital transformation is one of the possibilities to achieve the vision of New Kuwait 2035, particularly because digital transformation is an influential factor in increasing investment rates in the information technology sector in the country, which attracts many technological companies specializing in diverse and advanced digital technologies.

Al-Husseini is seeking to benefit from digital innovations and information technology to empower citizens, businessmen and companies by employing their capabilities to support business, improve productivity, and work to create a digital culture that keeps pace with the rapid development of technology. The Deputy Director also said that the conference is accompanied by a specialized exhibition in which participants will review the latest technologies and developments in the field of digital transformation.

On the other hand, the training advisor at the Central Agency for Information Technology, Dr. Anwar Al-Harbi, said it is important to pay attention to the human element for better understanding of the mechanism of digital transformation technically and training within institutions. He added that the Sahel government app is part of the digital transformation processes and provides several services to government agencies under one platform, with the aim of reducing time and effort for citizens, residents and concerned agencies.

Dina Sobh, Director of the Technology Capabilities Department, at Ooredoo Telecom, was quoted during the opening ceremony expressing willingness to help and work to achieve growth, sustainable development and innovation as part of the digital transformation process, as customers are currently seeking a more strategic approach that contributes to overcoming challenges, developing processes, growing, and even going further. She added that as a provider of ICT services for smart cities, the department is keen on driving progress and enhancing the digital lives of customers.

Meanwhile, at least 40 experts will attend the conference and discuss the future of digital transformation. These experts work in the fields of information technology, digital and electronic transformation, technological innovation, digital research and development, smart and electronic services, data management and analysis, cloud computing and data storage, new technologies in the human resources shared services sector, operations, customer experience, as well as service excellence and quality.

The conference aims to exchange visions on new ideas and discuss the roadmap for the future of the country’s digital transformation, in the presence of more than 400 participants. The event will discuss the main developments and pressing challenges in the country’s digital transformation journey through a series of in-depth presentations and enlightened panel discussions with the participation of leaders of the digital transformation sector in the region to exchange visions on new ideas and discuss the roadmap for the future of the country’s digital transformation.

Several topics were discussed in the gathering such as ways to advance Kuwait’s Vision 2035 towards digital transformation, key developments and pressing challenges in digitizing business in the country, through a series of in-depth presentations and enlightening panel discussions with the participation of leaders in the digital transformation sector in the region. The participants in the first session of the conference focused on four pivotal points, firstly, improving cooperation between the government and the private sector to build a digital economy. Secondly, it tackled developing digital skills and culture to build a digital society. It also reviewed the strategies that the country can derive from the fast-growing digital countries and implement them locally. And, lastly, the conference delved on improving healthcare services through digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, one of the presentations at the conference reviewed the promotion of digital transformation through the legislative system, through which the role of the government was emphasized in enacting laws that achieve digital transformation in the public and private sectors, which must be accompanied by the unification of cybersecurity policies, guidelines and strategies for the private sector to modify the journey of digital transformation. The plan is to direct systems to enhance the adoption and implementation of smart solutions and advanced technologies.

Experts discussed four steps in creating a solid infrastructure for payment services and electronic transactions, while another presentation focused on supporting digital transformation by creating a solid infrastructure for electronic payment services and digital transactions, through the following four steps:

1. Determine the necessary steps to build an effective online transaction system.

2. Implement privacy protection policies to gain users’ confidence in the safety of their personal information.

3. Discover the latest opportunities and technologies in the field of electronic payment services.

4. Prevent intrusions by optimizing the use of hard-to-resolve passwords, biometrics, and secure 3D authentication methods.

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