The Central Agency for Public Tenders has postponed the decision on the request of the Kuwait National Petroleum Company to award the tender for tank cleaning and repair, fiberglass works and painting at the Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery and liquid gas production facilities to the bidding company with the second lowest price at 10.777 million dinars, until further study and to refer the matter to the technical sector.

Meanwhile, the sources told a local Arabic daily that the agency has approved the “KNPC” for the fourth extension of the tender contract for maintenance and repair of control valves with the supply of the necessary spare parts in the three refineries for a period of 6 months, from Feb 3, 2023 until Aug 2, 2023, for 751 thousand dinars equivalent of 8.256 percent, until the completion of the procedures for issuing the new tender.

The sources pointed out that the agency has postponed a decision on the statement of the Integrated Services Company for Mechanical Contracting and Precision Machinery because of an arithmetic error in pricing, valued at 120.48 thousand dinars, when it re-evaluated the price offer for category A (for the tender for quality control services for the KNPC refineries, where the original value was 1.487 million dinars, the revised value is 1.366 million dinars, and the final price offer is 17.774 million dinars.

The sources added that the agency postponed a decision on the request of the Kuwait Petrochemical Industry Company to apply Article 85 of the Public Tenders Law to one of the companies, due to its breach of the implementation of the contract for cleaning works for the company’s offices and its annexes, noting that the agency decided to request an extension of the initial insurance for the companies participating in the tender for sand removal services accumulated in South and East Kuwait region for a period of 3 months until the completion of the tender awarding procedures.

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