The recent labor market statistic revealed that Egyptian laborers are ranked first surpassing the Indian and Kuwaiti workers in the labor market in Kuwait, with a total of 456,600 male and female workers, or 24% of all workers in Kuwait, who number about 1.9 million.

According to labor market statistics prepared by the Central Administration of Statistics until September 2021, Indian labor came in second place, with a total of 451,300 male and female workers, at a rate of 23.7%, followed by Kuwaiti labor, with a total of 424,000 citizens, at a rate of 22.3%, reports Al-Qabas daily

The statistics showed the Bangladeshi labor ranked fourth, with a total of 161,100 workers, or 8.5%, followed by the Pakistani workers, with a total of 70,300, or 3.7%, then the Filipino workers ranked sixth, with a total of about 66,000, or 3.5%; the Syrians ranked seventh, with a total of 63,200 at an employment rate of 3.3%.

Nepalese ranked eighth, with a total of 40,100 male and female workers, at a rate of 2.1%, followed by the Jordanians, with a total of about 25,200 male and female workers, at 1.3%, and finally, the Iranians, with a total of 20,300 male and female workers, at a rate of 1.1%, while the number of other nationalities was 125,100 male and female workers at a rate of 6.6%.

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