Since the initiation of biometric fingerprint on May 12, 2023, until the conclusion of last week, approximately 1.5 million Kuwaiti citizens and residents in Kuwait have undergone the biometric fingerprint process.

Anticipations suggest that by May of 2024, the biometric fingerprint procedure will encompass the entire population of Kuwait. This estimation is based on the tally of individuals who had completed the fingerprint process up until last Monday, reports Al-Qabas daily.

It was emphasized that the company responsible for executing this project is diligently incorporating successive updates into the system, aligning with the security specifications mandated by the General Department of Forensic Evidence.

The objective is to elevate the fingerprint system’s efficiency to the highest possible standard.
Sources highlighted the smooth and effective operation of the new system, with ongoing efforts aimed at streamlining its functionality across all border points. The primary goal of this new system is to construct a robust security database encompassing both citizens and residents.

The continuity of the fingerprinting process was confirmed for citizens, residents, and individuals from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

This procedure is facilitated at designated centers from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. These endeavors fall under the Ministry’s strategic plan, focusing on the enhancement and automation of public services. The ultimate objective is to simplify procedures for citizens, residents, and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, optimizing time and effort while elevating performance and achievements.

The Ministry of Interior affirmed through an official statement that the biometric fingerprint initiative significantly contributes to the establishment of a comprehensive database encompassing all individuals aged 18 and above residing in Kuwait.

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