The Kuwait Vaccination Center at the exhibition grounds in Mishref, and other health centers continued to receive citizens and residents to give them the booster dose.

A health official told a local Arabic daily that the number of citizens and residents who received the booster dose until Tuesday was about 1.3 million, and the number of people vaccinated with two doses was more than 3.3 million, out of the total population eligible for vaccinations.

The officials added that the daily infection rate with the Corona virus reached 56 cases, with 3 patients in intensive care, and 8 cases in the Covid 19 wards while the daily infection rate for the number of swabs reached 1.6%.

He stressed that many factors push the concerned authorities in the country to speed up the easing of the rest of the restrictions and comprehensive openness, most notably the decline of the epidemic, the strengthening of community immunity, the low rate of admission of infected people to the intensive care units and the decrease in deaths, in addition to very mild symptoms among people infected with the virus.

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