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New service on biometric fingerprinting on ‘Sahel’

The new service verifies the need for a biometric fingerprint, for either the user or another person's civil number, said Yousef Kazim

Ministry of Interior has introduced a new service for the public on the unified government application, Sahel, to ascertain whether an individual is required to undergo biometric fingerprinting.

Announcing the launch of the new service, Yousef Kazim, official spokesperson for the Sahel application, said that the service was intended to help people verify whether they needed to perform the biometric fingerprinting. He added that the service can be accessed through the ‘Security services’ section within the application.

He explained that besides the user signing on to the application, the service could also be availed by other family members of the user, or another individual by entering their civil ID number. He added, “This will enable individuals to understand whether other family members, such as children or domestic workers needed to have their biometric fingerprint registered.”

Elaborating on the process involved in scheduling an appointment for, Kazim said that once the user has verified that he needs to undergo biometric fingerprinting “they can schedule an appointment from the available slots at any location using the ‘Sahel’ application. This is done by navigating to the ‘Appointments’ menu, clicking on ‘Book an Appointment’, selecting ‘Ministry of Interior’, then ‘General Administration of Criminal Evidence’, and choosing ‘Biometric Fingerprint’. They can then book an available appointment at the designated sites where the Ministry of Interior has installed biometric fingerprint devices.

He added that individuals whose smartphones are not compatible with the ‘Sahel’ application can book biometric fingerprint appointments through the ‘Meta’ platform for government appointments.

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