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Mujtaba Creations unveils poster for ‘Aashal Kuwait’ musical album

The album, scheduled to coincide with the lively festivities of Hala February 2024, will showcase a variety of Kuwaiti and expatriate artists, including the renowned singer Mubarak Al Rashid.

The dynamic team at Mujtaba Creations & Events has finalized the poster release for their upcoming musical album, “Aashal Kuwait,” set to coincide with the vibrant festivities of Hala February 2024. This marks Mujtaba’s 7th National Day album, uniquely shot entirely in Arabic this time.

The producers claim that the album will be distinct, showcasing a diverse array of Kuwaiti and expatriate artists, among them the renowned Kuwaiti singer Mubarak Al Rashid.

Ibrahimkutty (Metro MD), Dr. BG Basheer (Metro Medical Director), and Faisal Hamza (Metro GM) graced the event, witnessing the unveiling of the poster by Metro Medical Care CEO Hamza Payyannur.

Written by AH Mudikot and directed by Mujtaba Chairman Habib Mutichur, this project features Dhanish Malappuram’s Orchestra. Vocals are provided by Haleem Mampat, Buhaina Fatima, and Shahzad Mudikot. The production team includes Ratheesh CV Ammas as Production Director, Nishant TM as Camera Assistant, and Ashraf Churot and Moitu Memi as Associate Directors. Rajeev Devanandanam oversees Art, while Shabeena Dileep provides Creative Support.

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