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MOI thwarts the smuggling of shabu, Captagon worth more than half a million dinars

The Ministry of Interior announced that men from the General Department of Narcotics Control were able to thwart a smuggling operation of about 35 kilograms of Shabu and 300,000 Captagon pills through one of the border crossings, with an estimated value of more than half a million Kuwaiti dinars.

The General Administration of Security Relations and Media said that the control men, through continuous searches and investigations into poison dealers and methods of smuggling prohibited substances in all their forms, have obtained information indicating the smuggling of narcotic substances through one of the country’s border crossings.

She explained that by intensifying investigations, collecting the necessary information, and monitoring the port and deployment on the border area, men from the General Administration for Narcotics Control were able to arrest two people, and an inspection of the vehicle revealed the presence of about (35) kilograms of Shabu and about (300,000) thousand Captagon pills that were secretly hidden inside several Interior vehicle parts, with an estimated market value of more than (500,000) thousand (half a million Kuwaiti dinars).

She confirmed that security personnel in all their relevant sectors, with the help of God Almighty, are able to confront poison dealers and uncover all their methods of smuggling contraband.

The Ministry called on everyone to cooperate with security personnel and report any negative phenomena on the emergency phone (112) and the hotline of the General Administration for Drug Control (1884141).

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