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MOI memorandum highlights efforts to deal with traffic congestion

The committee will deliberate on the Ministry of the Interior’s memorandum, highlighting the collaborative efforts undertaken with relevant authorities to address traffic congestion issues, particularly in the Sabah Al-Salem suburb and nationwide. The positive impact of these initiatives on traffic flow in the area has been duly noted.

Furthermore, the Ministry, according to Al-Qabas daily, convened a meeting involving all stakeholders to discuss proposed solutions for alleviating traffic congestion and to establish a timeline for their implementation. Noteworthy electronic procedures implemented by the Ministry include:

  • Adoption of the electronic market license through the “My ID” application, eliminating the need for printed IDs for expatriates.
  • Enhanced linkage between the Ministry and the Public Authority for Manpower to ensure compliance with traffic-related conditions.
  • Streamlined electronic renewal process for driving licenses via the unified government application or the Ministry’s website.
  • Electronic verification of licenses to ensure compliance with traffic regulations, leading to the cancellation of licenses if found in violation.

In terms of procedural steps, stringent measures have been enforced for the driving test, requiring candidates to pass theoretical and practical examinations as per traffic laws and regulations.

Additionally, the Ministry is exploring the implementation of a unified driving test among Gulf Cooperation Council countries to enhance efficiency.

Moreover, modern equipment has been adopted for vehicle inspection, with plans to upgrade technical inspection centers for enhanced efficiency. Legislative amendments, including proposed revisions to traffic laws, have been submitted for approval.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Works and the General Authority for Roads and Land Transport, several vital road development projects are underway. These include consultancy agreements for the development of ring roads and key thoroughfares, as well as contracts for infrastructure development in various regions, such as South Surra and the vicinity of the Avenues Mall.

Identifying 39 major congestion sites, the Ministry is actively engaged in developing solutions in coordination with the Ministry of Public Works. A comprehensive traffic study has been recommended by the General Traffic Department to analyze traffic patterns and develop strategic plans for mitigating congestion, including the integration of the national metro project and mass transit buses.

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