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MOI explores possibility of reopening the door for all types visit visas

The Ministry of Interior is currently evaluating the possibility of issuing various types of visas — visit commercial, tourist and family.

This initiative aligns with the new government’s vision, led by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Al-Sabah, aimed at revitalizing the economy, fostering commercial activities, and attracting global visitors, akin to neighboring Gulf countries.

Recent developments include the decision to reopen family visas under new conditions and controls, as outlined by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of the Interior, Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef. The government’s overarching goal is to revive Kuwait’s dormant tourist traffic, which has been on hold for several years.

Informed sources stress that this move towards reopening visit visas will be executed with stringent controls and conditions, carefully considering social, security, and other dimensions.

The intention is to prevent an upsurge in violators, leveraging the Ministry of Interior’s significant progress in electronic connectivity and digital transformation.

These technological advancements facilitate a more streamlined and precise monitoring process to ensure visitors comply with the country’s laws.

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