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Cuba ready to provide Kuwait qualified medical professionals

The Cuban ambassador to Kuwait, Jose Sanchez, expressed his country’s unwavering commitment to collaborate with Kuwait in the field of health.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Jarida, Sanchez emphasized Cuba’s readiness to provide assistance through its highly qualified medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and technicians. He highlighted Cuba’s successful collaborations in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates, and expressed eagerness to extend similar support to Kuwait upon the government’s request.

Sanchez mentioned ongoing communications with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and stressed that health cooperation falls under the purview of the Ministry of Health. He revealed a memorandum of understanding for health care services awaiting the Ministry of Health’s response, affirming Cuba’s preparedness to meet Kuwait’s health needs.

The ambassador also underscored Cuba’s expertise in medical technology, particularly in producing vital medicines, including treatments for diabetes. He expressed confidence in replicating the success achieved in Europe, Latin America, and Asia by introducing Cuban medicines to Kuwait.

Regarding a previous initiative in 2018, where Cuban nurses introduced effective diabetes medication at the Dasman Institute, Sanchez lamented the medicine’s lack of approval in Kuwait despite its positive outcomes.

Sanchez has extended an invitation to Kuwaiti investors, highlighting Cuba’s vast potential in various sectors such as tourism, agriculture, biotechnology, and mining. He emphasized Cuba’s abundance of resources, including large quantities of copper, gold, and untapped oil reserves.

Expressing satisfaction with the increasing number of Kuwaiti tourists visiting Cuba, Sanchez revealed that 170 visas were issued in January alone, marking a 60 percent rise from the previous year. He shared positive feedback from Kuwaiti cigar enthusiasts who praised Cuba’s cleanliness, safety, and affordability. The ambassador acknowledged the absence of direct flights from Kuwait to Havana but noted the convenience of alternative routes through Istanbul, Madrid, Paris, or Amsterdam.

Sanchez concluded the interview by expressing his appreciation for Kuwait and its friendly people, considering the country his second home. He emphasized the openness of the Cuban embassy to all Kuwaitis, encouraging them to view it as a welcoming space for everyone.

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