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Ministry to do away with Ramadan baskets, suggests alternative

The Ministry of Social Affairs, through its cooperation sector, has issued an official directive to the Federation of Cooperative Societies, “not to permit the distribution of Ramadan baskets to shareholders during the current holy month, and to instead substitute them with a purchase balance added to their cards.”

The Ministry’s move comes in response to numerous complaints from shareholders across various cooperatives nationwide regarding the poor quality and limited variety of goods in the Ramadan baskets traditionally distributed. Sources within the Ministry revealed that the decision to replace the baskets with a purchase balance grants contributors the freedom to procure goods and consumer materials tailored to their actual needs during the holy month, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Furthermore, the Ministry cited a history of manipulations, violations, and financial discrepancies observed in previous years’ basket distributions, leading to serious repercussions for shareholder funds and cooperative integrity. Investigations into past operations and accounts revealed a significant accumulation of unsold baskets in association stores, indicating a lack of demand from shareholders and ‘a disconnect’ between the provided items and their actual needs.

In terms of how the purchase balance will be calculated and distributed uniformly across all cooperatives, sources clarified that the process hinges on several factors. Approval from the Ministry, the financial health of the cooperative, and its annual profits relative to the allocated balance amount are all considered. Each cooperative’s distribution will be tailored to its financial solvency, ensuring that the allocated balance aligns with its financial position.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Social Affairs announced the commencement of nominations to honor pioneering projects in Gulf social work during the upcoming tenth meeting of the Council of Ministers of Affairs in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, to be held in Qatar later this year.

This initiative aims to recognize and support innovative projects in the social work sector, fostering development and progress in the community.

Additionally, Minister of Social Affairs, Family, and Childhood Affairs, Sheikh Firas Al-Malik, recently honored outstanding employees in the Membership and Computer Affairs Departments for their instrumental role in launching the first experience of electronic voting in cooperative society elections. This initiative reflects the Ministry’s commitment to transparency and efficiency in the electoral process.

Finally, Al-Malik extended congratulations to Kuwaiti women on the occasion of International Women’s Day, acknowledging their pivotal role in the nation’s advancement and affirming Kuwait’s unwavering support for women’s empowerment across all sectors. He emphasized women’s contributions as partners in development, educators, agents of change, and leaders in societal progress.

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