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Ministry set to hire non-Kuwaiti teachers for new academic year

The Civil Service Commission has declined to appoint female teachers, citing an existing presence of female citizens in the same specialty, leading to considerations of balancing expertise

  • The Ministry of Education set a 420-dinar salary and 60-dinar housing allowance for non-Kuwaiti teachers, but its administrative sector hasn’t met a quarter of the required teachers yet.

  • The submission of applications continues electronically. The number of applicants has exceeded 2,000 male and female teachers, yet many have not passed the interviews, and some do not meet the conditions.

Matrook Al-Mutairi, Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, initiated the process of hiring non-Kuwaiti teachers for the upcoming academic year.

This includes considering second contracts for expatriate teachers and seeking expertise for illegal residents. He awaits approval from the Civil Service Commission to appoint dozens of qualified individuals for a three-year term starting from their date of employment.

While Al-Mutairi set the salary of a non-Kuwaiti teacher at 420 dinars, along with eligibility for a housing allowance of 60 dinars, in letters sent to the bureau, a reliable educational source confirmed to Al-Rai newspaper that the ministry’s administrative sector has not yet provided a quarter of the required number of specified teachers. The ministry currently employs 1,600 male and female teachers.

Over 2,000 applicants for teaching roles

The source mentioned that the submission of applications continues electronically on the ministry’s official website.

The number of applicants has exceeded 2,000 male and female teachers, yet many have not passed the interviews, and some do not meet the conditions. Female teachers were rejected by the Civil Service Commission due to the presence of female citizens registered in the central employment system within the same specialization.

Al-Mutairi revealed that “external contracting has not yet been included in our annual plan and is unlikely for this year. Additionally, they mentioned facing problems in bringing in some Palestinian teachers who were contracted since last year before the Gaza events.” They added “that a plan has been devised to bring them in through Jordan in coordination with the Palestinian embassy. However, they are currently encountering difficulties in leaving the West Bank.”

Seven schools in Al-Mutlaa city

Al-Mutairi added, “The vision becomes clearer after the tests, with a focus on preparing for the next academic year and determining the number of schools needed to be opened in modern residential areas, in addition to the seven approved schools in Al-Mutlaa city.” He stressed that “the current plan is to fulfill the ministry’s needs through local contracting only,” but mentioned that “this plan may change if we cannot provide the required number.”

The sources concluded, “There are no problems in providing job grades for non-Kuwaiti teachers who meet the conditions. The ministry is committed to the annual Kuwaitization plan and is implementing the percentage of the national component in these jobs, which is set at 30 to 70 percent. Currently, it stands at 72 percent for Kuwaiti teachers and 28 percent for non-Kuwaiti teachers.”

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