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Ministry of Education issues attendance warning amid exam scheduling for today, tomorrow

The ministry will apply absence lists and record attendance for all students during April 7th and 8th, ensuring regulations are followed until semester end.

  • The Ministry of Education instructed all educational supervisors to adhere to the study plan outlined for the curriculum to ensure that lesson explanations are completed without repetition.

The Ministry of Education has warned students across different educational levels against absenteeism today, Sunday, and tomorrow, Monday, urging everyone to ensure their attendance.

In instructions addressed to the educational districts, a copy of which was received by Al-Anbaa newspaper, the ministry stated, “In accordance with the agreements made during the meeting held on Sunday, March 31, kindly instruct all educational supervisors for all levels to ensure that school administrations in all educational districts comply with the following directives:”

  1. Determine the scheduling of written or oral exams for Sunday and Monday, April 7th and 8th.
  2. Applying the absence list and recording attendance for all students through the student records during the upcoming period, specifically on Sunday and Monday, corresponding to April 7th and 8th, and ensuring the implementation of regulations and systems until the end of the second semester.
  3. Implementing sports, cultural, and other activities as incentives for students’ attendance.
  4. Following the study plan outlined for the curriculum to ensure completion of lesson explanations without repetition.
  5. Enforcing all regulations and systems regarding student absences.
  6. Submitting daily reports on attendance and absences, as well as providing daily reports from each educational district to the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education, along with proposed solutions and strategies to address this recurring issue.

The ministry emphasizes the importance and urgency of the matter, intending to submit reports to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for presentation to the minister.

On the other hand, Dr. Adel Al-Adwani, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, extended their warmest congratulations to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, and the honorable Kuwaiti people, on the tremendous success of the 2024 National Assembly elections. This democratic milestone was recognized and appreciated regionally and internationally.

Al-Adwani expressed his profound gratitude to all employees of the Ministry of Education in various sectors for their active participation in this democratic celebration. He appreciated their efforts in preparing polling stations for the National Assembly elections and their contribution to showcasing the civilized face of our beloved country.

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