This Gourmet French pastry and bakery is making waves for its expansive menu that encompass breakfast, eclairs, chocolate, cakes and ice creams. As breakfast choices, you have Scrambled Egg, French Toast and Croissants boasting different flavors. For lunch, the Millesaveurs Salad and Greek Salad are made of tantalizing ingredients and are rich in flavor.

Choose a grand treat from the delectable variety of eclairs, or a Chocolate Tray laden with an assortment of chocolate bonbons and ganache. The highlight of the menu is the delicious Millefeuilles with selections such as Milka, Vanilla Berry, Traditional taste or other assortments that will have you reeling after a few bites. Also very moist are their range of cakes, with names like Fraisier, Petit Antoine, Saffron Milk cake and Opera that are rich and delicious. You will also appreciate their ice cream flavors that really provide an experience. Introduce a touch of panache to your gathering with their catering menu filled with Mini Club Sandwiches, Mini Sliders, Mini Millefeuille and Verrines.

Popular dish: Vanilla berry, salted caramel hazelnut, milk chocolate, and saffron creme brûlée.
Location: At 19 Street, Building 419, West Abu Fatira. Call: 56666188

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