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Media figures: ’24 elections’ second held during Ramadan in Kuwait’s parliament history

The 2024 National Assembly elections, scheduled on April 4, is considered the second elections held during the holy month of Ramadan in Kuwait’s parliamentary history, Kuwaiti media figures noted.

In interviews with KUNA, they noted that the first election held during Ramadan was for the 14th legislative term on July 27, 2013, whereas a by-election was also held during Ramadan in the 10th constituency on December 7, 2000.

The editor-in-chief of Al-Anbaa Newspaper Youssef Al-Marzouq said that the holy month of Ramadan has special rituals and traditions and this is the second Ramadan to witness elections following the 2013 National Assembly elections.

He added that based on the previous experience, fasting does not effect active participating in the democratic process as the turnout in the 2013 elections held in July reached about 52 percent although it was held during summer break and people were fasting.

He continued that the Kuwaiti voter is aware of the importance of taking part in the elections for the country’s higher interests and it is no surprise that Kuwaiti citizens are committed to their national entitlement.

He continued that the fatigue of fasting will not stop the Kuwaitis from performing their electoral and national duties, and voting will not have an impact on their worshipping and prayer rituals, stressing that Kuwait deserves their full commitment.

For his part, mass communications professor at Kuwait University (KU) Dr. Khaled Al-Qehs said that due to the special rituals of Ramadan, the social media play an important role in the electoral process for both the candidates and voters.

He added that many Kuwaitis prefer to be in the country among their families during Ramadan therefore it could result in a higher turnout during elections day.

He stressed the importance that the candidates directly connect with their voters and focus on creating a mature media message in social media platforms and establishing a unique campaign on news platforms.

He noted that a well planned media and electoral plan is required on elections days by the candidates’ campaigns to encourage the participation of the voters.

Dheiran Aba Al-Khail, Secretary General of Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA), said the voters were occupied at the start of Ramadan with social activities which delayed the launch of campaigns of candidates.

Candidates, he said, should urge all voters to participate in the upcoming elections and to vote to whoever they see would honor their aspirations. He said candidates should raise awareness among voters in importance of what he considered “national duty.” Aba Al-Khail urged candidates to convey their messages through all kinds of media.

Source: KUNA

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