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Masterclass Lifestyle Workshops lead baking class for 13th batch of Filipino domestic workers

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Masterclass Lifestyle Workshops held it’s baking class for the  13th batch of Filipino household workers in its studio Friday morning. The weekly morning event is dedicated to providing complimentary lessons to Filipinos working inside homes and holders of Visa 20.

In a brief comment mentioned by the workshop organizer stated that the more than five hundred domestic workers have availed the classes and that some have commenced their own home based businesses providing for orders for their employers or friends. The project was initiated by former Philippine Labor Attache Nasser Mustafa and Assistant Labor Attache Catherine Duladul. Each Friday allows eight participants to attend the workshop however, some may not be able to attend due to employers change of schedules of work.

Recently participants have received their certificates of attendance on a simple graduation ceremony. “This maybe a day class but I learned a lot from it and I hank Masterclass for this opportunity as it allowed me to discover my skills” commented Edna Santos, participant to the event.

The day class provides information and hands on experience to participants on making a dough that can create forty over products popularly sold among bakeries. Ingredients were provided free and allow attendees to pursue their classes to  full courses. Friendi Mobile handed out complimentary sim cards to participants to the workshop and Thank The Times Kuwait for their support to the project.

Among the courses available at Masterclass Lifestyle Worskhops include: Art of Cake Decorating, Art of Chocolate Making, International Cuisines, Japanese Cuisine, Filipino Gourmet Merienda and music classes. For more information, call: 55650296 (Whatsapp)

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