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LuLu Hypermarket marks National, Liberation Days with creative display

LuLu Hypermarket, the leading retailer in the region, has become a household name when it comes to buying quality products at competitive prices. The brand is also known for its amazing promotions throughout the year that offer customers astounding discounts and attractive prizes. The hypermarket has also been in the forefront when it comes to holding celebrations to mark community festivals and commemorate national events.

The brand’s celebration of Kuwait’s National Day and Liberation Day on 25th and 26th February each year is an event the shoppers look forward to, not only for the incredible offers that await them on these national holidays but also for the innovative manner and unique style with which these events are celebrated at the hypermarket annually.

This year, as part of celebrations to mark Kuwait’s 63rd anniversary of National Day and the 33rd anniversary of Liberation Day, LuLu Hypermarket is displaying an astonishing demonstration of artistic creativity and dexterity at its Al-Qurain outlet. Creative craftspeople at LuLu Hypermarket have created a replica of the iconic Kuwait Towers using only tetra packs of milk and fruit juices.

The towering display, made from more than 17,000 individual milk and fruit juice packets, sourced from local firm Kuwait Danish Dairy (KDD), are stacked and balanced one above the other to reach a height of over six meters.

The decision to use Kuwait Towers as the model for the breathtaking display was not an accidental choice. The hypermarket wanted to recreate a Kuwaiti landmark that best represented the country’s independence and the free-spirit of its people. And when it came to these two attributes there was no better choice than the three structures that together constitute the Kuwait Towers.

Tens of thousands of shoppers and visitors are reportedly heading to the Al-Qurain branch of the hypermarket daily to witness this stunning display of creative ingenuity and to pose for ‘selfies’ in front of the artistic creation. LuLu Hypermarket, which has long prided itself on offering customers an exciting shopping experience has certainly outdone itself this time with this dramatic display.

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