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CTBTO executive secretary commends Kuwait’s role in nuclear test monitoring

Dr. Robert Floyd, the Executive Secretary of the Preparatory Committee for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Organization (CTBTO), praised Kuwait’s cooperation in monitoring nuclear tests and advancing the organization’s objectives. Speaking at a symposium organized by the Saud Nasser Al-Sabah Diplomatic Institute on the “Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty,” Floyd highlighted Kuwait’s significant contributions to limiting nuclear testing worldwide.

Acknowledging Kuwait’s network of monitoring and surveillance stations, Floyd emphasized their crucial role in supporting the CTBTO’s efforts to curb nuclear tests globally. He lauded Kuwait’s pivotal position in the organization’s mission to monitor and deter nuclear proliferation, describing it as a beacon of hope in the global efforts to prevent nuclear testing, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Floyd underscored the treaty’s impact on reducing nuclear tests, noting that prior to its signing in 1996, there were around 2,000 nuclear tests, whereas post-1996, only 12 tests have occurred. He highlighted the CTBTO’s network of over 300 monitoring stations worldwide, which play a vital role in detecting nuclear activities and monitoring seismic events, aiding in disaster response.

Regarding the treaty’s entry into force, Floyd mentioned that 187 countries have signed it, with nine remaining to ratify. During his visit to Kuwait, Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Sheikh Jarrah Al-Jaber received Dr. Floyd, underscoring Kuwait’s commitment to global efforts in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

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