Life pressures, psychological disorders cause of suicides: Dr. Al-Huwaila

Psychological researcher and faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Kuwait University, Dr. Mathal Al-Huwaila, identified a number of reasons behind the increase in suicidal tendencies, most notably psychological disorders and life pressures.

Al-Huwaila told Al-Qabas that the increase in suicide cases in Kuwait indicates the existence of important reasons that lead to attempted suicide, and although it does not represent a phenomenon, it is considered a major problem that must be addressed and addressed.

She stressed that the relevant state institutions play an important role with the participation of a number of government institutions to organize voluntary initiatives to confront the increase in suicides and negative thoughts that lead to suicide, especially among young people between the ages of 16 and 30, as suicide ranks second after deaths.

She explained that sound social awareness is considered a primary key to treatment, which would achieve the greatest degree of family and social harmony, and then achieve psychological, family and social stability.

Suicide is linked to psychological disorders, she said, especially disorders resulting from life pressures, alcohol abuse, separation, divorce, and serious diseases, as well as conflicts, violence, abuse, or loss of loved ones, and isolation.

She stated that suicide cases affect the individual and society together, as they may unite family members or separate them depending on how to deal with the event, and may create situations of confusion and conflicts, thus increasing the basic tragedy and its repercussions on society as a whole, and may leave behind long-term effects on the people surrounding the suicide due to the loss of an element — both existentially and socially.

The most prominent causes of suicide and attempted suicide include

  • Despair that leads to psychological disorder, depression and schizophrenia.
  • Domestic violence and family disintegration
  • Failed romantic relationships
  • Those who are terminally ill
  • Addiction and drugs
  • Difficult living burdens
  • The unemployment
  • Absence of religious motive
  • Isolation and separation from others

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