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Kuwait’s Central Blood Bank sets benchmark in blood safety

Kuwait's Central Blood Bank is the only Arab institution to have been recognized for implementing four global standards

Kuwait’s Central Blood Bank has achieved a remarkable feat. It is the only Arab institution to have been recognized for implementing four global standards: reference laboratory standards, blood transfusion standards, blood donation standards, and genetic laboratory standards.

This recognition comes on World Blood Donor Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the lifesaving act of blood donation. Kuwaiti Minister of Health Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi reaffirmed the Ministry’s commitment to blood safety and expressed his deepest gratitude to blood donors.

Kuwait’s Central Blood Bank: Pioneering blood safety and quality

According to Al-Rai newspaper, Dr. Al-Awadhi highlighted the Central Blood Bank’s achievement as a testament to the Ministry of Health’s dedication and the hard work of all personnel involved in blood transfusion services. He further emphasized the international accreditations granted to the Bank by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

World Blood Donor Day: A call to action

World Blood Donor Day is more than just a celebration. It is a call to action. This year’s theme, “30 years of celebration of giving… Thank you blood donors,” serves to not only thank existing donors but also raise awareness about the ongoing need for regular and voluntary blood donation.

The day is an opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of national blood programs, address challenges, and share best practices. The collective effort aims to ensure everyone has access to safe blood transfusion services, promote a culture of regular blood donation, and diversify the blood donor pool.

Collaboration for a shared goal

Dr. Al-Awadhi commended the collaboration between the Ministry of Health and various government and private entities. These partnerships are key to successful blood donation drives and maintaining a strategic blood inventory. Blood donation, he emphasized, is a humanitarian endeavor that requires the participation of the entire community.

The Minister revealed that blood donation campaigns throughout the past year yielded blood and platelet bags from a diverse group of donors, including Kuwaiti citizens and residents from over 75 nationalities. He concluded by underlining the importance of continuous giving to ensure a safe and sustainable supply of blood and its derivatives.

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