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Kuwaiti Oil Delegation visits Vietnam to evaluate refinery project performance

A delegation from the Kuwaiti oil sector recently visited Vietnam to assess the performance of the Nghe Son refinery and petrochemical complex project. The delegation, which included prominent figures from Kuwait Petroleum International, aimed to review the latest developments in the technical and operational aspects of the refinery.

Kuwait Petroleum International stated in a press release that the visit was part of the joint cooperation between International Petroleum and the state-owned PetroVietnam Company. International Petroleum holds a 35.1% stake in the Nghe Son refinery and petrochemical complex project.

During the visit, the delegation was provided with an overview of the Nghe Son refinery and petrochemical complex located in Tan Hoa Province, within the Special Economic Zone, as well as the company’s headquarters in Hanoi. The delegation commended the successful completion of the refinery’s first major periodic maintenance, which resulted in increased operational efficiency and stability.

The refinery is currently operating at an efficiency rate of approximately 117%. Furthermore, the delegation met with local government officials in Thanh Hoa Province to discuss continued cooperation and support for the Vietnam refinery project. The project plays a crucial role in ensuring energy security in Vietnam by stabilizing the supply of around 40% of high-quality fuel products to the local market.

Additionally, the delegation held discussions with the Board of Directors and Executive Management of the PetroVietnam State Company. During the meeting, the delegation emphasized the importance of joint cooperation, providing necessary support, and exploring proposed solutions and the future financial situation of the Nghe Son refinery.

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