Kuwait to host 2024 Asian Fencing Championship

The Kuwaiti Fencing Federation proudly announced that the Asian Fencing Federation has officially entrusted Kuwait with the honor of hosting the Asian Fencing Championship, set to take place in June 2024 under the watchful eye of the International Federation of Fencing, reported Al-Rai Daily.

Secretary of the Kuwaiti Fencing Federation, Hamad Al-Awadhi, expressed his enthusiasm for this significant achievement and emphasized that Kuwait’s selection as the host nation was not by chance. It is a testament to the country’s rich experience and capability to organize such prestigious tournaments. He cited Kuwait’s previous successes, including hosting the Asian Under-23 Championship in October last year, the World Satellite Championship just last week, and the Grand Prix Weapon Championship (Epieh) over multiple years.

Kuwait’s selection as the host of this major sporting event is a remarkable feat, considering the Asian Fencing Championship is typically organized by East Asian countries due to their extensive experience in hosting such events. Al-Awadhi credited the achievement to the Federation’s Board of Directors, led by Abdul Karim Al-Shamlan, and the Council members, hailing the step as “very bold” given the event’s continental significance.

He noted that the championship, with its formidable level of competition and participation from 38 countries (comprising over 1,500 individuals, including players, technical staff, administrators, and referees), can be likened to the World Championship.

While winning medals and securing top positions is a primary objective, organizing such tournaments is also seen as an opportunity to enhance administrative expertise and foster collaboration with participating Asian nations that boast extensive experience and insights in this field.

The announcement of Kuwait’s hosting privilege came following the 35th General Assembly of the Asian Fencing Federation (Asian Congress), held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on October 8 during the Asian Under-23 Championship. During the meeting, the Asian Congress also entrusted Kuwait with the honor of hosting the Asian Junior and Junior Championships in 2025, solidifying Kuwait’s status as a rising hub for international fencing events.

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