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Kuwait tightens security amid ongoing investigations into terrorist cell

While the Public Prosecution in Kuwait continues its investigations into the recently seized terrorist cell, security measures are expanding beyond the arrest of individuals.

Security sources reveal an extended focus on suspects and individuals with criminal records to ensure they are not linked to the cell’s activities, emphasizing the commitment to national security, reports Al-Rai daily.

The ongoing security investigations are not limited to the arrest of cell members, as authorities extend their scrutiny to other potential suspects. This comprehensive approach aims to prevent any links to the terrorist cell among individuals with criminal backgrounds.

The Security personnel are intensifying their efforts to monitor suspects, and instructions have been issued to bolster security presence and deployment. Vital sites and places of worship, particularly those belonging to the Shiite sect, are receiving increased attention to preemptively address any potential threats.

Moreover, the Ministry of Interior’s announcement of the terrorist cell’s capture triggered a significant national response, with political blocs, movements, and representatives expressing solidarity. The unified stance emphasizes the importance of safeguarding Kuwait’s unity, internal front, and national fabric against any attempts to disrupt its security.

Amidst the heightened security measures, there is a collective call for vigilance against attempts to stir up strife. Political entities underscore the Ministry of Interior’s role in ensuring the safety of citizens and residents, urging the community to remain vigilant and united against potential threats.

Political blocs stress the need to exercise caution regarding foreign messages, hinting at the possibility of external forces attempting to influence Kuwait. Suspicions arise, especially considering fixed positions on regional issues, such as the stance on events in Gaza.

The Public Prosecution’s announcement details charges against individuals of Arab nationality accused of planning terrorist acts and as a result putting under surveillance Shiite places of worship.

The detained individuals allegedly intended to target worshipers but were thwarted. Additionally, two Kuwaiti citizens face charges of supporting the banned group, with one accused of facilitating their travel and the other studying methods for manufacturing explosives.

In the meantime, Kuwait’s proactive security measures and comprehensive investigations underscore the commitment to safeguarding national security. The united response from political entities reinforces the importance of maintaining vigilance and unity in the face of potential threats to Kuwait’s stability and harmony.

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