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Kuwait set to witness spectacular moon-star conjunction on Saturday

Observers can enjoy viewing the giant star ‘Antares,’ renowned as the brightest star in Scorpio, alongside the moon with the naked eye from 11:20 pm to 5:40 am on Saturday.

The Al-Ujairi Scientific Center reported that the skies of Kuwait and the Arab world will witness an astronomical phenomenon the day on Saturday.

This event involves the conjunction of the moon with the giant star “Antares,” known for being the brightest star in Scorpio. The star, also known as “Al-Ahimar,” is red and is ten times more massive than the sun.

In a statement to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the center added that the conjunction can be observed in the Kuwaiti sky on Saturday. It can be seen with the naked eye towards the east at night until the scene disappears in the intensity of the morning twilight due to the sunrise the next morning.

The center explained that the angular dimension in the case of conjunction will be approximately one degree. One can enjoy observing and seeing the Antares star and the moon together with the naked eye above the southeastern horizon from after the moonrise at 11:20 pm on Saturday until just before sunrise the next day at 5:40 am.

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