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Kuwait Ports Authority considers doubling handling fees

The Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) is currently considering a 100% increase in handling fees as part of a plan to diversify revenue streams and reduce reliance on oil as the sole source of income for the country.

According to informed sources who spoke to Al Rai newspaper, the KPA has conducted a study comparing handling fees across Gulf ports and has proposed doubling these fees in Kuwait. The proposed increase may also include higher wharfage fees, although the exact amount has not yet been determined.

The study outlines the following proposed fee increases for handling services at KPA ports:

  • Mina Shuwaikh: 300,000 Kuwaiti dinars for handling general cargo
  • Mina Al Shu’aib: 400,000 Kuwaiti dinars for handling containers
  • Mina Doha: 200,000 Kuwaiti dinars for handling general cargo
  • Mina Ash Shu’aib: 200,000 Kuwaiti dinars for handling general cargo

These proposed fees are currently under review and will be submitted to the Cabinet for final approval.

According to the KPA’s budget for the 2024/2023 fiscal year, the authority expects to achieve a net profit of approximately 23.65 million Kuwaiti dinars, down from 30.12 million dinars in the previous fiscal year.

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