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Kuwait gears up for key role in ‘Dushanbe Water Conference’

The conference, which will take place in June, aims to exchange best practices, enhance partnerships, promote water’s role in sustainable development, and accelerate progress towards 2030 water-related SDG targets.

• Ghada Hatim Eltahir Mudawi, UN Resident Coordinator in Kuwait, emphasized the importance of access to water as a fundamental right and a cornerstone of sustainable development for all nations.

• Kuwait is recognized for its commitment to sustainable development goals, including water security. As a country affected by climate change, addressing water issues is crucial for Kuwait.

• More than 2.2 billion people live in water-scarce situations across the world. Many countries are striving to secure safe and clean water.

His Excellency Dr. Zubaydullo Zubaydov, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to the country, lauded the robust bilateral relations between Kuwait and Tajikistan, especially in the political sphere and their shared interests on various issues. He also announced Kuwait’s high-level participation in the upcoming Dushanbe Water Conference in June.

During a press conference held at the embassy, the ambassador highlighted the significance of the Third High-Level International Conference on the International Decade for Action Water for Sustainable Development,2018-2028.

The conference is scheduled to take place in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, from June 10 to 13 this year, as part of the Dushanbe Water Process. He emphasized that Tajikistan has been leading international water-related issues under the UN umbrella for two decades.

The primary objective of the upcoming conference is to further strengthen joint efforts, support the implementation of voluntary commitments recorded in the UN Water Conference’s Water Action Plan, stimulate new partnerships, and accelerate actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

The ambassador added that the Dushanbe Water Conference also aims to exchange best practices and innovative solutions, enhance stakeholder partnerships, promote the role of water in sustainable development, raise awareness, and mobilize political will to accelerate progress towards achieving water-related SDG targets by 2030. Additionally, it will contribute to the 2024 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development and the preparatory process for the 2026 UN Water Conference.

We will continue joint integrated efforts to address water and climate issues within the UN framework and through close cooperation with sisterly and friendly countries, primarily the State of Kuwait, the ambassador stated.

He expressed gratitude and appreciation to Kuwait’s leaders and government, as well as the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for their continued support of Tajikistan in activating its international initiatives, particularly those related to water resources.

Ambassador Zubaydov commended Kuwaits unwavering and systematic role in achieving sustainable development goals at national, regional, and international levels, including SDG 6, which aims to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

“The State of Kuwait has active participation and a distinguished presence in all conferences and events organized by Tajikistan within the framework of water initiatives and the ‘Dushanbe Water Process,’” he said. “We look forward to Kuwait’s high-level participation in the upcoming Dushanbe conference, and we believe Kuwait will play a prominent role in the success of this conference.”

On another note, the ambassador welcomed Kuwaiti tourists and visitors from around the world to explore Tajikistan’s breathtaking mountains and landscapes, abundant water resources, and freshwater reserves. He noted the growing popularity of visiting his country from various parts of the world, especially Kuwait, due to the direct flight route and visa exemption for Kuwaitis, while residents of Kuwait can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport.

Ambassador Zubaydov revealed close cooperation with Kuwait in the field of counterterrorism, highlighting his country’s participation in the upcoming International Counterterrorism Conference in Kuwait, with UN participation, from November 5 to 7, 2024.

He indicated that political consultations between Kuwait and Tajikistan are scheduled for June 25 in Dushanbe, where aspects of cooperation between the two countries, particularly in water-related matters, will be discussed. He mentioned a program to transfer water from Tajikistan to Gulf countries and other water-scarce nations.

“We have the largest hydropower plant in Tajikistan and can export electricity and water to neighboring countries,” he stated. “We seek UN and neighboring countries’ support in the electricity and water sectors, and we are ready to collaborate with neighboring and Gulf countries,” he added.

For her part, Ghada Hatim Eltahir Mudawi, UN Resident Coordinator in Kuwait, emphasized the importance of access to water as a fundamental right and a cornerstone of sustainable development for all nations.

More than 2.2 billion people live in water-scarce situations, Eltahir said, noting that many countries are striving to secure safe and clean water. She expressed the UN’s appreciation for Tajikistan’s role and the initiatives it has taken to address water issues.

Eltahir discussed the impacts of climate change, noting that many countries are experiencing droughts or floods, both of which result in losses. She highlighted that Kuwait is one of the countries affected by climate change and that the water issue is crucial for Kuwait. She praised Kuwait’s efforts to provide water for all and to address climate change.

She also highlighted the programs provided by the UN to Kuwait in relation to sustainable development and Kuwait’s 2035 Vision, as well as consultations in the areas of water, environment, and sand and dust storms.

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