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Kuwait Fire Force calls for safety when using coal in enclosed places

Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) on Monday urged citizens and residents to be cautions when using coal, gas or kerosene to heat homes, camps and farms explaining that the emission of release of carbon monoxide causes suffocation, poisoning, injury or death.

“Every year we deal with cases of injuries or deaths caused by the use of charcoal, wood, or gas as a result of not following the safety guidelines especially after igniting and placing them in closed places, these type of accidents are more likely to happen during sleep,” said

Director of the Public Relations and Media Department in KFF, General Mohammad AlGharib, in a press statement. Al-Gharib called on citizens to educate workers in camps, farms and parks about the danger of using coal, gas and kerosene heaters in enclosed spaces and to replace them with other approved heating devices, with the need to follow to the necessary safety guidelines.

He stressed on the importance of taking the necessary precautions when lighting coal and making sure to have a fire extinguisher and ventilation of the area to avoid suffocation by toxic gases.

He also mentioned the danger of using gas for heating and advised the extensions and connections must be checked to ensure that there are no leaks, and that the gas source must be shut off using the main switch and disconnecting it from the cylinder before going to sleep.

Source: KUNA

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