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KU introduces high school students to rare specializations in labor market

Officials at Kuwait University have emphasized their commitment to introducing high school students to specialized fields in demand in the job market.

They aim to guide students in choosing academic studies aligned with their interests and aspirations, fulfilling their practical ambitions for the future, reports Al-Qabas daily.

As part of this initiative, the Academic Guidance Department of the Deanship of Student Affairs at Kuwait University organized field trips for secondary school students in Sabah Al-Salem University City.

These tours aimed to familiarize students with various modern colleges at Kuwait University, including public health and life sciences.

The Director of the Academic Advising Department, Fahd Al-Mutairi, highlighted the importance of showcasing the quality of Kuwait University graduates in these specializations and their relevance to the job market.

During these tours, students were introduced to the services and activities provided by the Deanship of Student Affairs throughout the university stage.

Al-Mutairi stressed the significance of students being aware of opportunities and overcoming challenges by engaging with the Deanship.

He emphasized the importance of providing information about cultural, artistic, social, and sports activities as part of the student’s university life. Engaging in hobbies and developing skills during university can open up multiple job opportunities for students.

Mashael Al-Failakawi, the Superintendent of the Academic Guidance Department, highlighted the importance of rare specializations in meeting the needs of the Kuwaiti labor market.

She encouraged students to inquire about rewards for excellence and rare specializations at the Deanship of Student Affairs, emphasizing the role of guidance and counseling offices in university colleges as valuable resources for information and assistance.

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