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KFAED provides $88.1 million to support refugees around the world

The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, in cooperation with the United Nations, contributed 28 grants to relief refugees and displaced people around the world, with a total value of about $88.1 million over 7 years from 2016 to 2022.

The grants included projects and contributions to treat refugee and displaced cancer patients, as well as provide and develop health care and services and improve their living conditions in Lebanon, Syria, Bangladesh, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and Yemen.

The Fund’s Acting Director General, Walid Al-Bahr, said in a statement to KUNA yesterday that the Fund focuses its international development efforts on various sectors, particularly infrastructure, health care, education, and humanitarian aid.

Al-Bahr added that the Fund pays great attention to humanitarian aspects, especially issues of supporting refugees, who find themselves in difficult circumstances due to conflicts, social and political unrest, and natural disasters.

He explained that the Fund’s interest stems from a deep-rooted conviction based on solidarity, compassion, and humanity, indicating that the matter is not limited to providing immediate relief to refugees only, but extends to planting the seeds of peace, reconciliation, economic and social stability, and long-term development.

He stated that the Fund plays effective roles in promoting economic and social progress in Arab countries and other developing countries, by providing financial and technical support, noting that there is a set of foundations according to which the Fund identifies priority areas or projects, especially the complex and constantly evolving issue of refugees and displaced persons.

He stated that the Fund follows a broad approach when identifying priority areas, as it works to analyze needs in detail, study their size and scope, and evaluate socio-economic conditions, in addition to taking requests submitted by affected countries or international bodies into consideration.

He also stated that needs analysis is provided in cooperation with specialized United Nations agencies and other partners, as these bodies are a major source of vital information that helps in decision-making, explaining that there is also a continuous monitoring and evaluation process, to ensure that the assistance provided remains effective.

Al-Bahr said that the Fund’s role in assisting and providing relief to refugees and displaced people in the world is inseparable from the role of the State of Kuwait, pointing out that the Fund has a prominent role in providing support and assistance to the displaced people of Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Myanmar.

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