‘Key Land’ project’s success sparks regional expansion plans

The remarkable success of the “Key Land” project, covering an 8,000-square-meter area along the Arabian Gulf shoreline, has paved the way for its parent company, Key Land Advanced Company, to explore expansion opportunities beyond Kuwait.

With numerous serious offers from private firms and regional government bodies, negotiations are underway to replicate the project in another Gulf country, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Since its launch last November, the “Key Land” project has redefined family entertainment in Kuwait by introducing the first beachfront family entertainment park, boasting a picturesque location by the Arabian Gulf. Buoyed by this success, Key Land Advanced Company is setting its sights on establishing a theme park with cutting-edge technologies, in collaboration with international partners.

Fahd Al-Baghli, Managing Partner of Key Land Advanced Company, revealed that the company generated revenues exceeding one million dinars within the initial three months of its launch. As the company seeks to further expand its innovative family entertainment offerings, plans are underway to increase its capital.

Al-Baghli emphasized that “Key Land” is a registered Kuwaiti trademark, developed and executed by local talent and expertise.

Looking ahead, Al-Baghli outlined the company’s strategy to establish entertainment parks featuring innovative technologies in partnership with international entities. Through a careful and deliberate approach, Key Land Advanced Company aims for regional expansion via the franchise system. Serious negotiations are underway with an investment group to launch “Key Land” in another Gulf country.

Al-Baghli extended appreciation to the Tourism Projects Company for their support during the initial launch, expressing the company’s eagerness for continued collaboration with fresh ideas in the future.

The “Key Land” project’s inaugural launch, strategically partnered with the Tourism Projects Company, seamlessly blends activities, games, and facilities while infusing modern Kuwaiti identity into its design. Inspired by Kuwaiti landmarks, the project introduces innovative concepts tailored to appeal to new generations.

Featuring games resembling iconic structures like Kuwait Towers and the National Assembly, as well as elements from Souq Al-Mubarakiya and traditional Kuwaiti architecture, the project stands as a testament to Kuwait’s rich heritage and vibrant culture.

Over three months, “Key Land” has offered visitors unparalleled experiences, including suspended bicycle rides, rope sliding, and a range of unique activities designed to boost motor skills and sensory interaction. Its scenic waterfront location adds to the project’s allure, with scientifically proven positive effects on visitor psychology.

Al-Baghli expressed gratitude to the Tourism Enterprises Company for their support, reflecting the government’s commitment to Kuwait’s entertainment sector. Looking ahead, the company remains enthusiastic about further collaboration to introduce innovative entertainment concepts.

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