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Egyptian artists illuminate International Women’s Day with visionary art

The exhibition, "Women’s rights Day” Through the Eyes of Egyptian Artists," hosted by the Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait, highlights the role of women as nurturers of an aware and educated generation to meet society’s needs.

35 Egyptian artists from Kuwait showcased 55 paintings of varied shapes, artistic schools, spaces, and colors, all linked by the singular concept that women mirror society’s progress, development, and sophistication, a crucial highlight.

The exhibited works, spanning sculpture, drawing, and photography, revealed diverse artistic styles that underscored the significance of women’s roles in society.


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait, in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Platform – CAP Kuwait, organized an art exhibition titled “Women’s Rights Day Through the Eyes of Egyptian Artists.” The exhibition, held at the CAP Gallery, showcased works by 35 Egyptian artists from the Kuwaiti community.

The exhibition was inaugurated by H E Osama Shaltout, the ambassador of Egypt to Kuwait, in the presence of several ambassadors from Arab and foreign countries, members of diplomatic missions, representatives of the Egyptian community, and other communities.

Ambassador Shaltout praised the exhibition, noting that it highlights the role of women in society as mothers, sisters, and wives who bear the responsibility of nurturing an aware and educated generation to meet the needs of society.

The participation of the artists falls within the framework of the embassy’s series of cultural and artistic activities held throughout the year. They showcased their works through a display of 55 paintings, which varied in shapes, artistic schools, spaces, and colors. However, they were all linked to a singular concept: that women serve as mirrors of society, reflecting its progress, development, and sophistication, which was crucial to highlight.

The exhibition displayed various artistic interpretations by each artist. Some expressed their thoughts and feelings about women through expressive means, resulting in a clear diversity in presenting the idea with an innovative flair.

Others showcased a collection of sculptural works that employed innovative methods in shaping and artistic expression, as well as a variety of materials such as bronze, alloys, and marble. The diversity in materials and styles was evident, leaving a profound impression of the pivotal role women play in society.

“We celebrate Women’s Day every year to convey a message of appreciation and respect through the words and lines featured in today’s art exhibition, telling the world a part of their lives,” Ambassador Shaltout remarked.

He also highlighted the upcoming exhibitions that the Egyptian embassy will organize, including the seventh edition of the “Egyptian Visions” exhibition, set to be part of a comprehensive cultural program featuring various activities and praised the Cinema Club as a platform to showcase Egyptian culture, expressing appreciation for the collaborative exchange of experiences with Kuwait through cooperation with the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature.

Dr. Ibrahim Salam, the general coordinator of the exhibition, commended the Egyptian embassy for its dedication to perpetually disseminating artistic, literary, and scientific culture. He highlighted the distinctive participation of Egyptian artists from the community in the International Women’s Day exhibition, which showcased their deep-seated loyalty to women.

The exhibited works showcased creative elements in their formation, whether through sculpture, drawing, or photography, providing insight into the diverse artistic schools that underscore the significance of women’s roles in society.

The exhibition was an outstanding success, showcasing the remarkable creativity and talent of Egyptian artists. It served as a powerful reminder of the crucial role women play in society.

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