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Kalaam’s KEMS Zajil Telecom Announces Strategic Partnership with Google

To Enhance Cloud Offerings for Governments & Enterprises

KEMS Zajil Telecom, a subsidiary of Kalaam Group and a leading telecommunications provider, proudly announces its official recognition as a Google Partner, signifying a strategic move in establishing KEMS Zajil Telecom as a prominent Cloud provider in Kuwait. This initiative is particularly timely as Kuwait embraces Google Cloud for its nationwide digital transformation roadmap across governmental entities and key state-owned enterprises.

AbdulAziz El Shehabi, Head of Product Development at KEMS Zajil Telecom, provided insights into the partnership, underscoring the profound impact it holds for the company. He stated, “Drawing from a rich legacy that spans over three decades as a pioneer in Kuwait’s internet and connectivity market, KEMS Zajil Telecom has consistently set the gold standard for excellence. Serving as the pioneering cloud provider in the GCC since 2011, KEMS Zajil Telecom has remained at the vanguard of technological innovation.”

El Shehabi highlighted the transformative nature of KEMS Zajil Telecom’s partnership with Google Cloud, He noted, “This collaboration has propelled us into the role of a major Cloud Service Provider in Kuwait, fortifying our dedication to providing cutting-edge digital solutions. With Google Cloud’s scalable infrastructure and advanced analytics, KEMS Zajil Telecom has elevated its product portfolio and enhanced its service offerings to offer its clients a seamless and powerful cloud experience by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, thus fostering innovation and efficiency in line with the Kuwait’s commitment to digitalization. This Partnership with Google Cloud will not only enhance our technological capabilities but also position us as a key player in driving Kuwait’s Digital Transformation agenda. As a partner, KEMS Zajil Telecom has the capability to consult, provide advice, and implement the necessary solutions for customers seeking to digitize their operations.”

He further stated, “This partnership aligns with the surging demand for cloud solutions, a requirement voiced by enterprises, be they small or large. The focus is on addressing essential needs such as Security, Automatic Updates, Flexibility & Accessibility, Reliability & Availability, and Cost-saving & Efficiency.”

Mr. Yusuf Ahmad, KEMS Zajil Telecom CEO, conveyed his enthusiasm for this partnership with Google Cloud, emphasizing its transformative impact. He stated, “The introduction of Google Cloud as a core product signifies our commitment to empowering clients with innovative, scalable, and turn-key solutions. This partnership not only showcases our dedication to leading in technological advancements but also aligns seamlessly with Kuwait’s strategic initiatives for digital transformation that will enable the Government to leverage Google Cloud’s technology & expertise in data analytics, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI) fulfilling its commitment in making digitization one of its top national priorities in the coming years. This digitization initiative will span across various industries, such as healthcare, education, disaster recovery, and smart living, which will contribute to realizing Kuwait’s ambition to become a data-driven economy. As Kuwait takes significant steps in its digital transformation journey with Google Cloud, KEMS Zajil Telecom stands ready to lead the charge, providing cutting-edge solutions aligned with the nation’s vision of a digitally empowered future.”

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